Introducing Emma from Latitude

Tell us something about yourselfI am a single mother to a beautiful daughter who will be 9 in August (going on 35!) and the second eldest of seven kids; I have four sisters and two brothers. I have 8 nieces and 5 nephews. I became an Aunty for the first time on my eighteenth birthday; my nephew was 10 weeks premature and stole my birthday, and my daughter was...

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Introducing Mikhaela

What are you currently studying?I am studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology) and I’m currently in my second year. I’ve chosen to study this because I find people interesting and when I was going through a difficult time, it was difficult to find people to talk to. I thought that if I became a psychologist, it...

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Careers Start Young

Written by Ewen McRae (Star Weekly)

Some of Brimbank’s youngest residents started thinking about their future careers last month, with a ‘speed careers’ day at Sunshine Primary School.More than 60 grade 6 pupils from Sunshine, Ardeer, Mother Of God and Dinjerra primary schools took part in the day, which was organised by the Ardoch Youth Foundation and designed to...

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Sovereign Hill Staff Visiteth Little Buddies in Ballarat 

Students at Sebastopol Primary School took a step back in time early last month when staff from Sovereign Hill made the treacherous journey on horseback across the Yarrowee Plantations in Ballarat dressed in full costume to meet their letter writing buddies for the first time.

Staff at Sovereign Hill are genuinely excited about...

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A Date With Charcoal Lane While Learning Through Lunch

Grade 4 to 6 students from Dinjerra Primary School took part in a Learning Through Lunch for the first time together with Footscray and Caroline Springs Police at Charcoal Lane late last month. Learning through Lunch takes primary school students from disadvantaged areas out of their comfort zone and introduces them to new experiences...

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