Gift Catalogue

Give a gift that gives twice.

Imagine going to school hungry because you haven’t eaten breakfast, or missing out on your school excursion because your parents can’t afford to send you. Imagine struggling with reading or spelling but not having anyone at home to help you, or feeling left out because you don’t have the stationery in your school bag that all your school friends have.

This is the unjust reality for many children from disadvantaged families in Australia – and for many, this can mean the difference between learning or falling behind.

Why give a gift of socks or chocolate when you could make a real difference to a child’s life? Buy an Ardoch gift instead and know that you will be helping a child reach their potential through full participation in education.

Making a difference to a child’s education is easy:

1. Choose your gift below.

2. You will receive a gift certificate to keep or present to a friend, relative or workmate – whatever the occasion.

3. Your gift will go towards a program to support a child in need.

If you would like to 'choose your own amount', please click here.  All gifts over $2 are tax-deductible. A receipt and gift certificate(s) will be sent to you at the address provided in your order.