Read and Write

“Disadvantaged students are likely to underperform in literacy. Students who struggle with reading and writing are more likely to disengage from education and leave school early.”

(Early School Leaving and Non Completion in Australia, ACER )

Key to Ardoch’s mission is developing skills in the basic foundations of education for disadvantaged school students. Literacy Buddies® does this by matching  primary school students and corporate volunteers to improve literacy and inspire their learning through the art of letter writing.

A team of Big Buddies and classes of up to 25 Little Buddies (primary school students) exchange letters throughout the school year. The program is welcomed by schools and teachers not only for the positive impact on students literacy but for the social and aspirational outcomes that result from the connection between the Buddies.

The goal of the program is to connect children from disadvantaged backgrounds with positive working role models. Throughout the course of the school year, the Big Buddy encourages and supports his/her Little Buddy's individual academic achievement. These experiences can motivate for educational engagement and boost self esteem for children at critical stages of their lives.

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It’s the write thing to do.

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