caulfield grammar's 24 hour row raises $8,888

On the 8th September, Caulfield Grammar School students rowed through the night to raise money for Ardoch Youth Foundation. In what has been described as an “oarsome” event, students took it in turns on the rowing machines, covering a full 24-hour period to raise funds that will improve the educational outcomes for children from...

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museum victoria incursions in frankston

This term, children at our Frankston Early Year Centres were treated with a visit from Museum Victoria. As part of Ardoch’s Broadening Horizons – STEM programs, Museum Victoria delivered incursions through their mobile Outreach Program. The incursions brings the Museum's collections to the centres for a learning experience of exploration and fun!...

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speed careers at arnold's creek primary school

On Monday 28th August 2017, as part of Ardoch’s Pathways Beyond School program, children at Arnolds Creek Primary School in Melbourne’s West enjoyed a morning of Speed Careers with skilled volunteers. Speaking to the skilled volunteers, children in years 5 and 6 were gained insight to a broad range of careers and work/study pathway....

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exclusive stem workshop at scienceworks

On Wednesday, 20th September, Scienceworks hosted two astronauts from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in Astronaut Stories Australia, an event designed to inspire and motivate students to become more interested in STEM by bringing the stories, passion and inspiration of the world's astronauts and cosmonauts to life.


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LETTER OF THE MONTH: FROM  dartaynian TO dean

Our Little Buddies and Big Buddies have been writing to each other since the start of the year. Here's a fantastic letter from Dartaynian to Dean that shows their close friendship: 

Dear Dean,

I’m not happy to call you my Buddy cause you’re more than that to me. I’m happy to call you my Brother even though we’re not. You treat me like...

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