Ardoch Workplace Volunteer Programs Working with Children Check FAQs

As an education charity supporting children and young people, Ardoch values child safety. All our community and workplace volunteers require a Working With Children Check.

What is a Working With Children Check?

Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a card issued by the Department of Justice after checking the history of an applicant with regards to child safety. It is a “live document” which means that it remains active for five years. During this period if the card holder is involved in any legal infractions relevant to working with children the Department of Justice will inform the agencies named on the card (namely, Ardoch) about it.

Why do I need a WWCC? I am only interacting with them through letters  / blogs / school visits / children’s activities as a workplace volunteer?

As an organisation, Ardoch values child safety. Most of our programs involve building relationships with children over blogs, letters and activities, which though supervised by school staff still bring volunteers and children in long-term contact with each other. The volunteers often act as mentors to the children. It is our duty to maintain the highest standards of child protection. Hence, we insist on all our volunteers to get a WWCC.

Further, Ardoch’s partner schools have requested that all adults in contact with their children have undergone a WWCC.

I have a Police Check. Why do I still need to apply for a WWCC?

A police check is not a “live document” so it is only true for the date of issue. Our volunteers commit to programs that last up to a year. A WWCC will ensure child safety on an ongoing basis for five years.

Why didn’t I need one before now?

The process leading to the Royal Commission has meant that many organisations, including Ardoch, have reviewed their Child Protection and Child Safety requirements. As acknowledged by many institutions, WWCC reduces the risk to children as much as possible. Hence, we have decided to adopt it as a child safety measure.

What does it involve? / how do I get one?

For Victorian Instructions please see instructions provided.

How much does it cost?

For volunteers in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales the card is free. For volunteers in Western Australia there is an $11 cost for volunteers at one organisation and $83 charge for volunteers at more than one organisation.

Can I volunteer and start the program without a WWCC?

You need to apply for a WWCC before your first contact with the child (ie, a letter, blog or a meeting). It is important that you submit your WWCC application at the post office prior to this, and have a receipt to prove it. It can take a few weeks for your WWCC card to be sent to you.

How long will it take to get one and how long is it valid for?

The WWCC is valid for 5 years.

I have a WWCC already because I volunteer elsewhere.

If you already have a WWCC, please add Ardoch Youth Foundation to your WWCC, as only the organisations currently named on it are kept informed of any changes in the WWCC status. To add Ardoch Youth Foundation to your WWCC see instructions provided.

We have employees working in states across Australia who want to participate in Ardoch’s programs. Which state do we apply for the WWCC?

Workplace volunteers must apply for the Working With Children check relevant to the state in which they work.  

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