CEO's Message: June 2017

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I was reminded at one of our Learning Through Lunch events recently held with one of our partner schools and some of our workplace volunteers just how different some children’s life experiences can be from their peers and how these can shape both their world view and their own aspirations. During our table conversation a bright and engaging student in Year 5 asked a guest not the typical question we might expect of “what is your job?”, instead she asked “have you ever had a job?”

Our guest was a little taken aback but then answered quickly and respectfully about her work and also engaged the student in a conversation about what she would like to do when she finished school. However, it was a timely reminder that the building blocks for a child’s future are created early. The experiences and role models that children are exposed to help to shape how they see the world and their own place in it and the more experiences and role models that they can be exposed to, the more it has the potential to build their aspirations for their own futures.

It was wonderful to see a number of our supporters at our Annual General Meeting in May hosted by our partner Clayton Utz, celebrating the work that Ardoch has done to help children realise their potential. I’m delighted that you can read in our recently published Annual Report for the year ending December 2016 the impact that we had on nearly 12,000 children and young people through our programs.

With an increase of more than 20 percent in the number of schools wanting to partner with us this year, this of course means more children that we hope to support. If you are able to help us to do this, please consider donating before 30 June to our mid-year appeal to help create the building blocks for better futures.

Kylee Bates
Chief Executive Officer
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