Sandra Runs for Ardoch this August

We are honoured to announce our newest Ardoch supporter, Sandra Bardevig who will be running and fundraising on behalf of Ardoch at the Sandy Point Marathon. Sandra will be attempting the gruelling half marathon (21.1km) on Sunday 27 August.

Twenty-two year old Sandra is a Finnish backpacker who grew up in Denmark. Having backpacked for the past year, she is currently doing farm work in North Queensland in order to obtain her next Australian visa. Whilst never having run a half marathon before, Sandra loves doing physical activity having grown up as a “horse girl who loves nature, music and sports”.

Whilst Sandra will be in Melbourne just five days before moving on to Bali and Singapore on her worldwide backpacking adventure, she is both nervous and excited about taking on this test. ”I like a good challenge. I was in the military last year in Finland so the physical part is fine.” On her decision to participate in the marathon, she added wryly, “I just get some crazy ideas once in a while and I just want to do them. The half marathon was one of them.”

Whilst the half marathon is just another thing Sandra wants to “tick off” of her bucket list, she has always had a strong desire to help others. “I like helping people whenever I can. I’ve been doing a lot of volunteer work recently...It makes a huge difference when you travel if you can make a difference for people that need it.” Having travelled much of the world Sandra understands the importance of helping those in vulnerable circumstances and this is why she has chosen to represent Ardoch this August at The Sandy Point Marathon.

We wish Sandra her very best at Sandy Point. We know she will do brilliantly.

You can support Sandra in reaching her $700 goal by donating to her fundraising page here: . Or join Sandra in the Sandy Point Marathon on August 27th by clicking here:

Ardoch is an education charity that supports children and young people in disadvantaged communities.