Gabrielle waters donates books

School Readiness Packs   Gabrielle Waters Donation   Sarah Nes and Bess

Early this year, we were thrilled to receive a wonderful gift from Author Gabrielle Waters. Gabrielle generously donated over 1000 copies of her books “The Spaghetti Elves” and “Lunar Derby”. We’re extremely excited to put these in our School Readiness Packs to be distributed to early year students at the end of this year.  Each pack includes 4 books, games and motor skills activities with guidance for families on using them and preparing their children to start school. The pack also include a copy of Ardoch’s School Costs Guide which details potential sources of support and helps families prepare and budget for the costs involved in schooling.

Thank you to Gabrielle Waters for generously supporting Ardoch!

If you would like to donate books (in good condition), feel free to contact us.

Ardoch is a charity that provides education support for children and young people in disadvantaged communities. You can help us by signing up to become a volunteer and/or making a tax deductible donation. Every dollar counts!