Kodie Stephens: why i volunteer


In celebration of National Volunteer Week this year, we're celebrating the amazing efforts of our volunteers. We’re proud of the generous contribution of our volunteers and the impact they have made on the children in our programs so we thank you very much! 

This week we're sharing the stories of our volunteers and their reason for volunteering. We caught up with Kodie to find out more about her and what motivates her to volunteer in our programs.

Tell us something about yourself.

I have been working within the Banking and Financial Services sector for nearly 10 years, currently as a Relationship Manager working with Business Banking clients. I ensure that volunteer work is part of my everyday life, so I can give back to the community in some way.

I volunteer with Ardoch because... 

There’s a few reasons I volunteer with Ardoch. One of them is that the Literacy Buddies program is such a great program, you can really see tangible benefits when communicating with the Little Buddies over the year. I love being able to do the program as part of my work, and see the enjoyment my colleagues get out of it as well. The staff at Ardoch are extremely passionate about what they do, and on top of this, are so wonderful to deal with. Personally, it just makes me feel good!

What is the highlight of your volunteering experience?

As a workplace co-ordinator of the Literacy Buddies, my highlight is always reading all of the letters that the little buddies send to us. I love seeing the little connections made over the year between buddies, and the building of confidence in the little buddies’ letters as they become more comfortable and competent in their replies.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?

I would tell them to find a charity/cause that speaks to them, something that means something to them – and reach out and find out ways to that you can get involved.

We thank Kodie Stephens for her time and dedication to the Literacy Buddies program at Macquarie.

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