McClelland College visits Peninsula Health’s busy Frankston Hospital

Pathways McClelland College Peninsula Health

Teacher, Dave L’huillier and his students from McClelland College, were invited by Ardoch to attend a Pathways Beyond School industry visit to Peninsula Health’s busy Frankston hospital campus this afternoon.

The class was met outside the Emergency department by Mark and taken to meet nursing staff from both the Emergency department and The Women’s Health unit, who welcomed them and gave them a short educational session about the importance of privacy and confidentiality in regard to the patients they might see during their visit. They also advised students to let them know if they were feeling uncomfortable, or unwell, at any time during the tour, as they would be visiting very busy departments where patients would be undergoing treatment.

After this talk, the students were divided into two smaller groups, to ensure that they would minimise any inconvenience to staff and patients as they visited wards.

One group started with a tour of Frankston hospital’s very busy Emergency Department, where they were shown how patients are triaged to ensure that those needing urgent care are prioritised. They were also shown some of the vital X-ray and CT equipment, used to diagnose patients, and ended the tour of A & E by participating in a simulation of a patient resuscitation - using CPR and a defibrillator.

The second group had a tour of the Women’s Health Unit (Maternity Ward), during which they visited a birthing suite, and were fortunate enough to be able to speak to a new mum who had only given birth to her first child a few hours before about her experience of labour and pain relief. After this, the students were given the opportunity to examine a placenta, whilst the midwives explained its structure and function, and what they need to look for once it has been delivered.

After this, the two groups swapped over, to ensure that all of the students were given an overview of two of the hospital’s busiest departments.

Ardoch and McClelland College would like to thank Peninsula Health and the wonderful staff of Frankston Hospital for providing this invaluable educational opportunity.

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