Meet the Ardoch staff taking part in 'run Melbourne' 2018


Zoe (Business Development & Events Executive)

Why I #RunforArdoch:

"Every night before bedtime I read stories to Jackson as I watch him learn new words it makes me so happy to see his love of learning develop. Some children don't start learning about books and reading until they are well and truly into their school years, and some will never fully catch up. Children need to be supported from an early age to build the confidence they need to believe in themselves and their ability to learn, so that they can aspire to do an be whatever they choose when they grow up. They only way to build a truly equitable and inclusive society is to help all children grow up to be their best selves. Ardoch helps children in disadvantaged communities everyday by delivering tailored education support programs to the kids who need extra support. Help me to help them continue this amazing work so together we can help end the cycle of disadvantage and make sure no child falls through the cracks. Also I haven't done any exercise since before Jackson was born so if you want to see me on struggle street help me raise $1000 for Ardoch by donating to my page!" 

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Adam (Communicatins & Marketing Coordinator) 

Why I #RunforArdoch:

"Although I grew up in New Zealand, I benefited from additional assistance at school from volunteers when I was younger. Not everyone gets the luxury of one on one help, so it would be great to raise a bit of money and give children the same opportunities that I had to learn!"

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Janelle (Administration Assistant)

Why I #RunforArdoch:

"There is no silver bullet to end poverty and disadvantage, but education is the closest thing to it and by educating kids today, we can make sure they have the knowledge, skills and resilience they need to be productive and successful adults. Ardoch change the lives of children everyday through programs that create a passion for learning and encourage children from disadvantaged communities to dream big. By doing this, they are breaking a cycle of disadvantage to create stronger and more successful people, families and communities."

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