Dandenong students invite global corporate responsibility leader to play Lego®


Late last month, students at Dandenong West Primary invited a very special guest to join in on their weekly Lego Robotics program. Cummins’ global DBU Corporate Responsibility Leader, Warwick Strong was in attendance, sleeves rolled up and ready to get down to business playing Lego with the kids. 

Cummins is a highly valued Ardoch Strategic Partner and its engaged team is involved in the successful delivery of STEM programs across two disadvantaged schools in Victoria.


The Corporate Responsibility Leader commented “Developing a passion for learning is the bedrock for lifelong growth and realisation of one’s potential. As an excellent support structure and advocate, Ardoch fills the gaps for our future generations to fulfil their dreams”.

Founded in 1919 and recognised as one of the world’s first philanthropic institutions, Cummins is upholding its pledge to serve and improve local communities by ensuring positive impact in disadvantaged areas through education, right here in Victoria.

Ivan Araujo, Student Wellbeing Officer, Dandenong West Primary highlighted the impact of the program: “The great thing about this program is that our students learn the important science, technology, engineering and maths concepts that they need for the future, but they are more engaged as the robotics program is interactive and fun. The students also enjoy the opportunity to meet adult role models who work in STEM-related fields and are encouraged to aspire to these careers”.


Ardoch provides Robotics Technology Kits and STEM related Broadening Horizons Experiences for students in disadvantaged schools to help them engage with the STEM curriculum in a hands-on, creative and tangible way, encouraging STEM literacy and further academic and career engagement. Additionally, training and support is provided to assist teachers to build their capacity in delivering STEM programs.

The Ardoch-Cummins partnership was recently recognised by Cummins’ global giving program with an annual Business Impact Award, providing further money to support Ardoch’s STEM programs.