Students Gear Up For The Future with Speed Careers


Ardoch Work Place volunteers from the Australian Defence Force, the Victoria Police, robotics, science, marketing, education and healthcare gathered to volunteer their time and experience to an eager year 9 class at Keysborough College in Dandenong recently. Students were more than happy to be participating in our hugely successful Pathways Beyond School program, Speed Careers.

The aim of Speed Careers is to connect Secondary and senior Primary school students with a variety of working adult role models to gain exposure to diverse job types and work/study pathways as well as growing awareness and understanding of a range of career and employment opportunities that exist. Ardoch Workplace volunteers address small groups of students and educate them about their chosen field of work, including what is required to enter this field, progress within it, and what day-to-day work entails in their role.


Each table was bustling with conversation as groups settled in to listen to their Work Place volunteer. The atmosphere grew louder when students were given free reign to ask questions and seek advice on potential careers and study options from their industry professional. Queries ranging from ‘what skills did you learn at school that you’ve found useful?’ to ‘why do police officers need pepper spray?’ could be heard across the classroom.

One of the visitors told us that life will take you to many different doors/careers that you’ll have never thought of, and during that time you’ll manage to pick up skills/experiences for that career” said a student when asked what was the most interesting thing they learnt.


After only two Work Place volunteer rotations around the room, one student commented when asked if they’ve made any big career decisions, “The interesting thing that I learnt today is that you will never know what your future would be. You might have 7 different jobs when you’re growing up!”. The events wrapped up with students heading back to their classroom, deep in chatter about their new potential career path.


Thank you to all the Work Place volunteers for taking the time to speak about their career and helping to ensure every child’s potential is realised through full participation in education.