McClelland College Explore Pathways Beyond School 


Year 9 students from McClelland College attended Swinburne University of Technology as part of the Ardoch Broadening Horizons program, Pathways Beyond School. The four workshops facilitated by Swinburne that students participated in were:

  • Food science and lab skills
  • Visual merchandising and design
  • Horticulture and landscape design
  • Engineering

Pathways Beyond School activities focus on building career and educational aspirations and preparing students for life beyond school. These include mock interviews and speed career sessions with workplace volunteers and visits to real life workplaces. Ardoch also offers primary school students Meet the Professor sessions organised by universities to introduce, and build aspirations towards, tertiary options.


Students really enjoyed participating in all the activities and seeing the different opportunities that are available at University and TAFE. Highlights of the day were being able to create a shop window, plant and flower design and making cottage cheese” said Kara Dunstan, McClelland College Year 9 Educational Leader. “A special thank you to Angela from Ardoch and Vera from KIOSC Swinburne University for organising the day and providing fantastic opportunities for our students to be a part of.”