Sunshine College Students Broaden Their Horizons 


An array of Industry professionals gathered at Sunshine Secondary College earlier last month, eager to educate and motivate as part of our Broadening Horizons program, Speed Careers.

Speed Careers connects Secondary and senior Primary school students with a variety of working adult role models to gain exposure to a diversity of job types and work/study pathways. Students rotate in groups to hear from each speaker, learning about potential career paths while asking questions.

Workers from Aged Care to Victoria Police waited patiently as students began politely filing into the gym one by one, apprehensively taking a seat in front of their career professional. It didn’t take long before the gym was filled with voices asking questions from ‘how much do you earn?’ to ‘what is the hardest part of your job?’. The room grew even louder after several rotations as students became more comfortable with the prospect of asking their professional their burning career question. When asked if anyone had decided on a career path yet, a few confidently raised their hand claiming they now what to be a Police Officer or Teacher.


It helped me to try to achieve my goals in the future,” said a year 9 pupil when asked what he had gained from the experience.

When asked to share a memorable moment from the day, one classroom teacher commented, “It’s great for these students to interact with Police Officers on a more human level. Most of my students only perceived Police roles as involving the apprehension and imprisonment of criminals. It was great to see the Police Officer relate to the kids informally.


Seeing some students who often appear disengaged in class, be engaged during the different workshops and hearing different pathways,” reflected another teacher on the positive effects noticed on individual students.

Thank you to Sunshine Secondary College and volunteers who donated their time to mentoring the next generation of young professionals.