You-niversity With The Next Generation of Leaders


This is the first time these students have taken part in Ardoch’s You-niversity program. Grade 6 students from Sunshine Harvester Primary School in Melbourne’s West, recently packed on to a bus and headed off to the Australian Catholic University (ACU) to take part in the Pathways Beyond School program, You-niversity.

The excursion looks to already be having a positive impression on the visitor’s future. One student with a newfound interest in law explains what it takes to graduate. “I learnt that it takes a lot of effort when working in a university in order to have your future career.” A second student commented, “I learnt how graduation will feel.”

You-niversity invites students to attend visits to a University campus or TAFE College where they are given the opportunity to meet staff and students and complete activities related to university life. Students’ aspirations are built towards further study options through increased understanding of the links between learning, further education and careers.


A class room teacher who attended the visit, explained how the programme is opening the door for the possibility of tertiary education to his students. “This excursion helped to make University a reality for our kids. Many of them were expressing their own aspirations for the future.”

“It was fantastic, and our students thoroughly enjoyed their day,” mentioned another teacher. “The day was organised beautifully and the ACU students and staff were well organised and extremely accommodating and helpful. The activities suited our year level and were engaging and informative.”

Thank you to the students, teachers and ACU staff for their ongoing commitment to ensuring every child’s potential is released through full participation in education.

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