How To Land That Dream Job With Ardoch's Mock Interviews


Who wouldn't want a practice round before the real thing? Year 10 students from Sunshine Secondary College Ardeer Campus took part in Mock Interviewers; a program that pairs working adult volunteers with students in disadvantaged communities to practice interview techniques, build confidence and gain experience which is crucial to gaining employment.

The room was quiet as each student was designated to their interviewer. Once everyone had settled in front of their professional, the interview was on, nervousness was gone, and the room was a live with conversation. Each student, dressed in full interview attire, was paired with a professional who guided them through interview questions and then delivered feedback on how they might improve their chances of landing their dream job.

“One of the students asked at the end of the interview whether I would hire him for the job he had applied for,” said one volunteer. ‘When I said ‘yes, I would’, his eyes lit up and he just looked so happy and motivated. That was great!”


When asked about a memorable moment, one of the Mock Interviewer volunteers said, “I interviewed a 14-year-old student, and on giving her feedback she told me it was the 'best feedback she had received in her life', and how happy she was to be given areas she could improve and work on. That moment will stay with me forever.”

It wasn’t just the volunteers giving feedback on the success of the program, as several students commented, “The interviewer was so friendly, and he even gave me some advice." Another pupil reflected, ”Participating in the interview was very helpful and not as nerve-wrecking as I thought.“