You are all amazing! In 2018, Ardoch delivered more programs and supported more children and young people than ever before. What a fantastic way to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

We partnered with 105 early years centres, primary and secondary schools, mobilised 1718 volunteers, delivered over 20,000 program participations and supported the education of 15,388 children and young people in disadvantaged communities around Australia.

We could not have done this without your support!

You helped us recruit train and place over 240 Education Volunteers to support children’s literacy and learning development.

You helped us deliver 39 Literacy Buddies® programs which gives children a real-life context to practice their writing and composition skills and to increase engagement and confidence in literacy.

You helped us offer 5 Writer in Residence programs which help enhance children’s literacy and language skills and increase their aspirations for creativity, story-telling and writing.

You helped us provide 11 Numeracy Buddies programs which helps children improve their maths skills by allowing them to verbalise key concepts, and by making maths an interactive and fun activity

You helped us deliver 22 Robotics Programs which gives children the opportunity to engage with the STEM curriculum in a hands-on, creative and inspiring way.

You helped us provide 16 Learning Through Lunch programs which engage children as they taste new foods, learn about formal dining etiquette and recognise hospitality as a possible career path

You helped us offer over 150 Broadening Horizons Programs which provide children with inspiring learning and life experiences.

You helped us deliver 100 Pathways Beyond School Programs which encourage young people’s aspirations for learning, careers and pathways to future study.

So, thank you from all of the team at Ardoch, our partner schools and the children and young people that were supported through our programs last year. We are so grateful for you and your commitment to improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities.