Ardoch Introduces New Broadening Horizons Program about Sustainability

This month Ardoch introduced a new Broadening Horizon’s STEM program about sustainability. Ardoch’s STEM programs aim to foster a child’s STEM skills in fun, engaging and relevant ways. 
Precious Plastics is a program run by students from Monash University and is part of a worldwide movement that aims to tackle and provide solutions to the presence of plastic pollution. They focus on education, research and machine development with the main goal to empower the next generation to think globally and act locally. 
St Mary’s Primary School in Dandenong was the first school to experience the Precious Plastics workshop. They had an incursion for the grade 3-4 classes to coincide with their unit on the environment and sustainability. The Precious Plastics group brought their integration unit to the school, which is a machine that turns plastic recyclable waste into products such as jewellery and flowerpots. 
The session started with a presentation on the current challenges with recycling, and students participated in a discussion about how there is a need to be more creative with waste management. Students were then shown the process of cleaning the plastic, breaking it down into smaller pieces and how to use the integration unit to create a new product. 
The school has said “At St Mary’s we love teaching children about sustainability and thanks to Ardoch and Precious Plastics Monash we did just that… It was a great day and the students were very happy and had questions at the end of the day about plastic and the machinery”