Double Impact Day

Do you believe that every child should have the opportunity to realise their potential?
Do you believe it is unfair that thousands of disadvantaged Australian children do not?
Do you believe that we can all play a role in changing this unacceptable reality?
Do you believe that a quality and supported education is critical to making this happen?
At Ardoch, we answer yes to all of these questions. Yet sadly, one in three children in Australia’s most disadvantaged communities still starts school developmentally vulnerable and they continue to fall behind as they progress through school.  At Ardoch, our team of passionate staff and volunteers work tirelessly every day to close this gap, but we cannot do it alone.
This tax time, your donation will have double the impact for vulnerable children. On the 18th of June, Ardoch will be running our second Double Impact Day. On this day, all donations will be DOUBLED. A donation of $100 will become $200, as your donation is matched by a pledge from one of our valued major supporters. Your doubled donation will help us on our journey to close this gap in educational outcomes for children in disadvantaged communities.
Simply fill out the below donation form and send it back in the reply paid envelope. If we receive it by the 18th of June, your donation will be DOUBLED! Or you can visit our website and make a donation anytime.  Please help us raise $100K this Double Impact Day, so that every child has the opportunity to realise their potential through full participation in education.