Early Language and Literacy

Ardoch partners with early years services where Education Volunteers trained in the Early Language and Literacy program support the children’s school readiness and oral language and literacy development through targeted reading, writing interactions and activities.

Our Early Language and Literacy (ELL) program is a component of our Education Volunteers program specifically targeting the early years and school readiness. Developed in collaboration with Deakin University, ELL draws on research about how best to support the language and literacy development of children in disadvantaged communities. Volunteers in the ELL program deliver a program of play-based activities that support children’s oral language, literacy and school readiness. The activities are delivered under the direction of the kindergarten teacher or playgroup facilitator.


  • “By having a volunteer each week to read stories, explore words, develop an awareness around taking turns and supporting children to follow through with tasks is making an incredible difference to the children’s education.”


    “Thank you so much for supporting our centre and sending all the beautiful volunteers. We are looking forward for more volunteers and working closely with ARDOCH.”

    Director early years

  • “I’ve really enjoyed the first few sessions volunteering. It’s a terrific centre and all the staff have been very welcoming.”


    “Volunteering with Ardoch is incredibly rewarding and challenging but it brings out a really wonderful side of you and you meet great kids and teachers.”