Ardoch's School Costs Guide VIC/NSW 2019

Ardoch's School Costs Guide is a resource to parents and carers and helps ensure that their child has everything they need to learn and realise their potential. 

We know that there are additional costs for families when children start, or return to, school each year and the aim of this guide is to help inform you about the different costs of education and assist you to manage these.

Simply working out and understanding these costs, and how to reduce them can be overwhelming. This guide is here to help you.You can read it all at once or dip into it when needed.

We also believe that the personal role you play in supporting children to learn is the most critical. By engaging in what children are learning, talking about the benefits of school, and building positive relationships with people at your child’s school you reinforce the importance of education.

We believe education is the key to young people having chances and choices in life.

Download your School Costs Guide here: 

NSW 2019
VIC 2019