Pathways Beyond School


Pathways Beyond School activities focus on building career and educational aspirations and preparing students for life beyond school. These include mock interviews, industry and university visits and speed career sessions with workplace volunteers and visits to real life workplaces. Ardoch also takes primary school students to Meet the Professor sessions organised by universities to introduce, and build aspirations towards, tertiary options.

Where We Work

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“Ardoch connected us with inspirational speakers from different walks of life, who visited the school and spoke to the children. The Music programs and Mock Interview program also helped in building their engagement and aspirations, and in connecting them with role models outside their immediate surroundings.”
Tim Blunt, Principal, Sunshine College.

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For more information about Pathways Beyond School program, contact Programs Team Leader Joe Reed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 03 9537 2414.

We partner with workplaces to support the Pathways Beyond School programs. To find out more, contact the Fundraising & Engagement team on 03 9537 2414.

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