Education Volunteers Program

education volunteers program

Ardoch places screened and trained volunteers into primary and secondary school classrooms at the request of partner schools to support the teachers.

The volunteers usually work one-on-one with a student or a group of students who need extra help, as directed by the teachers. The volunteer engages them in targeted reading, writing and language exercises aimed at improving their confidence, engagement and interaction with literacy.
Depending on the needs of our partner schools and early years services, our Education Volunteers also help deliver art classes, maths extension activities for high achievers, breakfast clubs, cookery classes and more.

All of our Education Volunteers commit at least two hours of volunteering each week for at least six months at a school.

Outcomes for children include:

  • increased confidence, engagement and interaction with literacy
  • greater focus and concentration
  • increased time staying on-task in the classroom leading to increased work completion
  • enhanced learning outcomes
  • exposure to a diversity of positive adult role models
  • raised aspirations for future work/study

Ardoch’s Education Volunteers Program was recognised with the Excellence Award at the Volunteering Victoria State Awards 2016.

Where We Work

For a list of all our current partner schools and early years services, go here.

“Many of the children I worked with still come up and greet me at school. I have heard from the teachers that their reading skills are good, and that feels really good. I feel I have made a difference,”

-Philip Reid, Ardoch Education Volunteer.

“Having another person in the classroom to sit with the children and help them with the assignment is a big help. Sometimes, just verbalising the task’s requirements to Jan [Ardoch Education Volunteer] is all it takes for the children to understand it,”

-Lisa Pisani, Grade 3 teacher, Mother of God School Ardeer.


Meet our Education Volunteers: Jan Hird and Philip Reid.

Get Involved

You can become an Education Volunteer with Ardoch. For more information, please visit our individual volunteering page.

Or you can help us recruit, train and support other Education Volunteers by making a donation to Ardoch.

If you are a school in need of volunteers, please visit here.

For more information about our Education Volunteers program, please contact our Programs Coordinators Nes Davey and Sarah Segal on 03 9537 2414 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on our Literacy Support programs, visit here.