STEM Incursions and Excursions


Ardoch organises many STEM-related incursions and excursions for children in our partner schools and early years services. These include Museum Victoria’s Outreach program for preschoolers, visits to Scienceworks, children’s farms and other experiences that ignite their interest and curiosity in the natural world and science in everyday lives.

Where We Work

For a list of all our current partner schools and early years services, go here.

“The Scienceworks Robotics Excursion provided the students with a great taster of the technology associated with LEGO Robotics systems and really was a launch pad for helping to generate enthusiasm and develop the skills of the students to take back to the classroom,”

- John Misfud, Teacher, Ardeer Primary School.

You can also read about a STEM incursion at an early years service here.

Get Involved

You can fund a STEM-related incursion or excursion for children in disadvantaged communities by making a donation.

For more information on Ardoch’s STEM Excursions and Incursions, contact Joe Reed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 03 7001 3614.

For more information on Ardoch’s STEM Support Programs, go here.