Education Volunteer Locations

Welcome to our map showing where Ardoch Education Volunteers support is needed for our educational partners.

Search by your location or filter sites by different categories.

Click on the partner site name to visit their website to read more information.

Please search and choose your 3-4 preferred sites to volunteer at and send them to [email protected] 

How to search by your home location:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon in top-left corner of the map
  2. Enter your full address
  3. Click search and it will display the sites that are within a 10km radius from your address
  4. Drag the blue circle to expand the radius up to 50 km

How to filter by different categories (state, local government area):

  1. Scroll down to below the map
  2. In the left-hand menu, choose the categories you want to filter by
  3. Click ‘filter’ and it will display all the sites meeting the criteria

Handy tips:

  • To re-centre the map click the button (four arrows) in the top-left corner of the map
  • To clear all the filters, click the reset all filters button next to the filter button
  • To zoom in and out use the +/- buttons on the bottom-right corner of the map
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