Celebrating National Volunteer Week

When: 24 May 2022

Last week was National Volunteer Week, and to celebrate we held five morning and afternoon tea events across New South Wales and Victoria. Not only was it a fantastic opportunity to bring our fabulous volunteers face to face for a meet and greet, we also got to thank them for the incredible work that they do – in very challenging circumstances over the past few years.

‘It’s always been a pleasure volunteering with Ardoch. I’ve enjoyed the other volunteers I’ve met over the years and the staff as well” – Phil Reid, Volunteer

“It gives me great pride working for an organisation like Ardoch. It’s amazing and I fell into it but it is just and amazing organisation and such passion that you have” – Catherine, Volunteer

“It was just something that I do because it’s important to me. I was a teacher librarian. When I was at (Partner School) I had an Ardoch Volunteer in my classroom and I thought, well why not, I should give back. So this is what I’ve been doing …” – Sue, Volunteer

From hours spent reading with children who may not have had the chance to build the basics of literacy and numeracy before starting school, to helping bring our mission and vision to life and spark an entire classroom’s curiosity and imagination, to helping ease the first-job-jitters of secondary students through mock interviews and inspiring them to aim high when it comes to future career opportunities – our volunteers are nothing short of amazing.

Thank you for being part of the Ardoch community, and for caring enough to dedicate your time and talents to giving children the education and opportunity they deserve.