Celebrating our Volunteers

When: 20 Jun 2023

We spent the week of 15th May celebrating and thanking our volunteers. The change that Ardoch has on the students’ lives could not happen without our volunteers. Whether they are Education Volunteers, spending 2 hours a week with a class, or program volunteers, helping us in office to lend administrative support to deliver programs, or pathways volunteers, helping support our ad-hoc pathways programs or our workplace volunteers, helping not only pathways programs but also our buddies programs, they are a vital part of what Ardoch does. Without them we can’t have the impact on the students that we do each year.

The dedication of these change makers was celebrated. We recognized their outstanding contributions, those with 3 and 10 years of service as well as those with 150+ hours of service and with 100+ hours in just 2022. Included in these awards for the first time we included our workplace volunteers and board members.

We brought together our volunteers and staff in VIC and NSW for the second time this year. This gave us the time to thank the volunteers and recognize their contribution to change. We took the chance in VIC while everyone was gathered to hand out the recognition awards. To allow others to join in us thanking our volunteers we also had people join us virtually.

On the Wednesday we brought together volunteers from across Victoria, both in person and virtually, to thank them and recognise their contribution to change. Our staff took this opportunity to get to know our volunteers better. We took the chance while we had our volunteers together to hand out the awards. Then on the Friday we brought together volunteers from across New South Wales to thank them and recognise their contribution as well.

Congratulations to all award winners and thank you to all our volunteers. We look forward to seeing the change you make in 2023. For those that couldn’t collect their awards we will organize getting these to you shortly