Meet our Volunteer Martina

When: 10 Dec 2019

Martina is one of Ardoch’s amazing volunteers. She volunteers as part of the Curious Young Minds Program that aims to foster STEM literacy, curiosity and inquiry in a child’s early years. The program develops their understanding of the world around them by engaging them in explorations of STEM experiences.

When asked a few questions here is what Martina had to say:


What were your reasons for originally volunteering with us?

I have recently retired and had time, so I thought I wanted to actually do something. I looked around to see what was available and stumbled across Ardoch’s website. I think education is really important and your values aligned with my own and that is why I signed up. The support that Ardoch provides to their volunteers is also amazing, I have felt supported all the way through the process.


What are your thoughts on running the program in early years and what difference do you think it makes?

I like running the STEM program in early years because the kids don’t have any preconceived ideas of what they will do when they are older – girls don’t think no I can’t be that. I think it’s great that they get that exposure to STEM and it might encourage them to follow it through school. The world is still open to them.


What do you have to say to others who are thinking of volunteering?

It’s a fantastic experience. Fantastic support and I get to volunteer at a lovely centre. The kids and staff are so amazing. It’s a really positive experience and one of the best things I have ever done. Sometimes I feel I get more out of the experience than the kids and it’s such a privilege. I am eternally grateful to Ardoch for facilitating the opportunity for myself and the kids.
I also love the professional development opportunities that Ardoch offers for my own personal development.