New faces on Board of Directors

When: 17 Oct 2022

Ardoch is supported by an amazing group of people volunteering their time on the Board of Directors. All experts in their fields, their extensive experience helps to steer the organisation in a direction that seeks to maximise our impact.

This year we are grateful to have two new faces on the Board of Directors – Julie Gow and Anthony Raitman – who will provide deep knowledge and expertise to the strategic direction of Ardoch.

Meet Julie

With a background in finance and accounting, Julie Gow joins us as our new treasurer. Recently retired, Julie has been involved with not-for-profits for many years, devoting almost two decades to a food rescue organisation as a volunteer.

“I’ve been working with them for about 17 years in the kitchen where we just turn up on a Saturday morning and get told what we’re cooking or what we’re cleaning or what we’re chopping. It’s been an interesting journey to see how much that’s grown over the last 17 years,” says Julie.

“I’m still continuing with that, but I was looking for something else in the volunteer space, but more from a strategic perspective with a Board role.”

Julie says she was inspired to join the Ardoch Board due to its strong reputation for making a difference, and its focus on children and communities facing disadvantage, which she sees as its key strength.

“Hopefully I can add some value to the organisation and to the other Board members and provide mentoring to the finance crew. If Ardoch is in a position where it can do more or provide a greater impact, I would feel like I’d had a huge input and that would feel pretty good.”

In the coming months, Julie hopes to get along to a few programs and see first-hand how they operate and how they are received by those involved. She is also looking to understand what drives volunteers.

“Having been involved in volunteering, the reason that makes you go back is often that ‘buzz’ you get from it and the interaction that you have with other people in the volunteering space. So, what is it that gives people enough of a buzz to want to volunteer and volunteer in these roles?”

When she’s not advising on financial matters, or helping prepare meals for people in crisis, Julie also delves into the Melbourne arts scene or takes on a hiking trail in the hills or along the coast.

Meet Anthony

Like Julie, Anthony also has an affinity for the arts and has been involved in amateur musical theatre since his time in High School. This enduring interest has remained with him from university reviews to backstage, to stage management in various amateur theatre companies in Victoria.

Anthony’s career goals, however, have been dedicated to improving the health, development, learning, safety and wellbeing of children and young people and he says he has been “watching” Ardoch’s progress for many years.

“For a while now, I have been searching to join the Board of an organisation whose values and priorities aligned with my own. The fact that Ardoch works in schools and early childhood settings with whole class groups, not individual students, was a point of difference that inspired me.

“Given my career experiences, I am hoping to support Ardoch to strengthen its focus on implementing evidence-based practice and monitoring outcomes, while also contributing to the strategic and financial goals of the organisation.”

Anthony is well qualified to identify the strengths of Ardoch’s mission and vision and, what he sees as, its “strong and unique approach to volunteering”. He has become aware of how strong the Ardoch name is in the communities in which we work, providing “a foundation to further develop our programs and increase our impact.”

Still new to the role, Anthony says he’s looking forward to observing Ardoch programs in person.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing the Writers in Residence program and meet some of the students who are inspired by these amazing authors.”

We have no doubt the professional and personal experience both Julie and Anthony bring to the Board of Directors will add immense value as we focus on increasing our impact and strengthening outcomes in partner schools around the country.