Reconnect – Back To School Appeal in 2021

When: 25 Jan 2021

After a year in which we all missed connection, we want vulnerable children in the communities we work with to regain their confidence and grow their aspirations by participating in in one of Ardoch’s Broadening Horizons programs. Through our programs, we want to give them the opportunity to reconnect – with each other, positive adult role models and the wider world!  Here are examples of feedback from participating teachers and students.

‘That other people get so many rejection letters before they get the actual job, I don’t feel alone.’

–   Secondary student after attending  Ardoch Speed Careers.

‘This was such a great experience for our kids. We have been focusing on developing our curiosity in our Inquiry unit, so this complemented their learning perfectly. Thanks again for another amazing experience.’

– Teacher, Ardoch partner primary school , on the virtual incursion with Chris Hadfield, Astronaut.

The pandemic is far from over, and now more than ever students need increased engagement so they can stay on track to reach their potential. Your support for incursions and excursions through our Broadening Horizons programs as children and young people head back to school will help make this possible. Please consider giving.