Disadvantaged schools need Ardoch’s support now more than ever

When: 26 May 2020

Right now, there are serious risks for vulnerable children, particularly in the areas that Ardoch works to improve – confidence, academic progress, aspiration, social skills, wellbeing and engagement.  We asked principals and teachers at Ardoch partner schools to share how this current health crisis is impacting their school community and why Ardoch’s programs will be so important to support their students as they transition back into the classroom.

In their own words, here’s a selection from what they had to say.

‘We have some students that are very disengaged in this remote learning environment.  It has been very challenging for many children, as well as their parents.  We are concerned that for those students who don’t engage during this time, their confidence will be negatively impacted when they transition back to the classroom as they have not kept up with the curriculum.’

‘Remote learning is difficult and isolating for many children in our school. Some parents are challenged with language barriers, mental health issues, unemployment and lacking the confidence to support their child’s learning at home.’

‘The biggest challenges impacting our students are around social isolation, access to appropriate technology and difficulty engaging with learning. We are also especially concerned for those children who are more vulnerable in the home environment.’

‘Ardoch’s programs offer connections to positive role models outside the home, and exposure to excursions which are often the only thing our students participate in beyond the community.  These programs increase engagement with learning and connection to one another through a social experience together.’

‘Ardoch’s programs are important as they provide all the students with a common experience that brings them together in the classroom. A lot of kids really need Ardoch’s help, so we need Ardoch to be there for them.

‘Ardoch’s programs open up children’s eyes to opportunity and help them see things beyond the scope of their normal neighbourhood. Ardoch is there to help build aspiration through first-hand experiences, something that all of our students need but would go without if it weren’t for Ardoch’.

‘Ardoch’s programs are so important as they support students who are disengaged with their learning by building confidence and improving academic outcomes.’

‘Ardoch’s programs are all about building relationships, hence building self-esteem and self-confidence. These are key elements to successful academic outcomes. Ardoch’s programs are needed to provide these key tools to vulnerable children when they return to school – to inspire young people to strive for excellence’

So there it is, the message is loud and clear. Ardoch programs, supporting vulnerable children in disadvantaged communities, have never been more important than they are right now.