Our Outcomes Framework

Ardoch uses an outcomes framework that is common to all of our programs to measure the impact of our work.

Ardoch’s programs are mapped to the learning outcomes in the Australian curriculum. In each of our programs we seek to make a positive impact on one or more of the following factors that support positive educational outcomes: confidence, academic progress, aspiration, social wellbeing and engagement.

Together, the goals under each of these factors represent our Outcomes (CASE) Framework. To learn more about the impact of our programs, as evidenced through our evaluation process against this Framework, please visit Program Outcomes.


We measure students’ confidence in their ability to learn and any improvement in students’ comfort in trying any new environment or experience.


Academic Progress

We measure improvement in the practice of specific skills that are identified in the curriculum.



We measure students’ aspirations to learn and explore opportunities beyond school.


Social Skills and Wellbeing

We measure improved skills in communicating with peers and adults and reflecting on identity.



We measure engagement, incorporating a desire and interest to participate in classes, in school attendance, the specific topic the program is delivering and in continued education post-school.