Program Outcomes

We measure our program outcomes using a range of methodologies and conduct internal and external evaluations to assess the impact of our programs.

For internal evaluation purposes we ask each teacher, volunteer and, where age-appropriate, student to complete a survey questionnaire about their program experience. Using a consistent methodology, but tailored to each program, the surveys aim to test the extent to which the program activity has had an impact on one or more components of our outcomes framework.

From time to time Ardoch commissions external evaluations of our programs. The published results of these evaluations can be found on our Research and Evaluation page.

Here is a snapshot of just some of the impacts of our programs, measured using our outcomes framework.


In students’ ability to learn and comfort in trying any new experience.


Pathways Beyond School—Learning Through Lunch

86% of teachers reported that most students tried new foods.


Education Volunteers

Teachers reported that after just six months with Ardoch volunteer support, 79% of students showed greater confidence in their ability to learn.


Numeracy Buddies

63% of teachers credited student participation in Numeracy Buddies with contributing to the typical student making strong progress and gaining self-belief, a better understanding of their strengths and greater persistence.

Academic Progress

In specific areas of the curriculum.


Education Volunteers

Teachers reported that after just six months with Ardoch volunteer support 67% of students showed greater improvement in academic competence than their teachers anticipated.


Literacy Buddies®

70% of teachers credited student participation in Literacy Buddies with contributing to 53% of the students progressing twice as much as expected in a six-month period. 34% of those made two years’ academic progress.



63% of students could name a key fact about robotics after the program.


To learn and explore opportunities beyond school.


Pathways Beyond School—Industry Visits

85% of students could name a job they were interested in learning more about after participating in an Industry Visits excursion.


Pathways Beyond School—Mock Interviews

67% of students participating in the Mock Interviews said ‘I think I am more likely to try and get a part-time or full-time job.’


Pathways Beyond School—You-niversity

93% of students named one thing they would like to study as further education when they finish school after they had gone on the You-niversity excursion.

Social Skills and Wellbeing

Improved skills in communicating with peers and adults and reflecting on identity.


Pathways Beyond School: Learning Through Lunch

77% of teachers said most students made eye contact and asked and answered questions during the program.


STEM experiences

96% of teachers said their students displayed significant cooperation with one another at the STEM excursion.


Writer in Residence

61% of students said they took turns and worked with other students productively during the term.


Increased engagement in classes and learning.


Pathways Beyond School—Industry Visits

81% of students said they asked questions on their Industry Visits excursion.


Early Language and Literacy

86% of education volunteers said they agreed or strongly agreed that student engagement with learning had increased.


Education Volunteers

Teachers reported that after just six months with Ardoch volunteer support, the behaviour of 57% of students had improved.