Curious Young Minds

Ardoch’s Curious Young Minds program targets children’s developing understanding of their world by engaging them in explorations of normal STEM experiences.

Delivered by volunteers working in early years settings with small groups of children aged four to five years, Curious Young Minds focuses on three complementary aspects of STEM literacy—knowledge, skills and thinking—and links them to language development during these early years. The aim is to improve the children’s early STEM skills through exposure to STEM activities with a range of partners.


  • “A parent said that they didn’t realise how advanced their child was until they saw them participating in the Curious Young Minds program.”

    playgroup facilitator about CYM

    “Everything has been going really well! I’m enjoying it a lot and the kids are really great. I’m looking forward to coming back for next term.”


  • “It’s great to see the positive progress in the children over the last 18 months.”


    “I really enjoy my time with the children, they are active and curious to everything.”