Pathways Beyond School

Pathways Beyond School activities focus on building career and educational aspirations and preparing students for life beyond school.

Ardoch’s Pathways Beyond School program offers students engaging learning experiences that are designed to support their preparation for employment, as well as increase aspirations towards continued education and training, with a view to gaining long-term employment. It has the following components:

Mock Interviews

Secondary school students are connected with working adult volunteers who take part in mock interviews with students, helping them to practice and build interview techniques which are crucial to securing employment.


Speed Careers

Secondary and senior primary school students are connected with a variety of working adults in order to build students’ awareness and understanding of the range of job types, careers, and work/study pathways that exist. During Speed Careers sessions students rotate in groups to hear from each speaker, learning about careers in areas as diverse as law/policing, trades, community work, health, manufacturing, banking and the arts.


Industry Visits

Primary and secondary school students visit industry workplaces to learn about the skills and training that are required in sectors which employ large numbers of young people, such as retail, hospitality, technology and health.


Primary and secondary school students visit a university or TAFE campus where they meet staff and students and complete activities related to university life. Students’ aspirations for further study are developed as they increase their understanding of the links between learning, higher education and careers.


Learning Through Lunch

Children and young people develop confidence by engaging in table conversation with adult volunteers, trying new foods, becoming familiar with a restaurant setting and recognising hospitality as a possible career path.  Ardoch’s flagship Pathways Beyond School program for the hospitality industry involves a class of students attending a two-course fine dining lunch with volunteers at a TAFE or hospitality training venue. Each volunteer hosts a group of students during the lunch and encourages them to talk over the meal about paid employment and further education. A tour of the training facility is provided to prompt thinking about post-school options and further education.


  • “Love helping you out and really enjoy the mock interviews. Always feel so inspired walking out of the classroom.”

    Corporate volunteer

    “I’ve learnt that doing a mock interview can really help you in the future when you’re getting a job.”


  • “Meeting the students and seeing how engaged they were to practice interviewing and hearing them talk about their amazing experiences was amazing.”


    “It was such a great experience to be able to help guide students into the real world. Providing real life tips and motivation as well as reminding the students to continue working hard at school.”


  • “Ardoch has always supported our school in giving our students incredible opportunities to explore their future pathway options, and to inspire them with invaluable experiences at tertiaries, TAFE’s and businesses.”

    Career’s counsellor partner school

    “This excursion helped to make university a reality for our kids. Many of them were expressing their own aspirations for the future colloquially, what do you want to study at university? or I want to be xyz.”


  • “The fun thing we did is looking around the university – we get introduced to the university like what subjects there are.”


    “I loved everything and was so much fun”


  • “when one of the chefs let us ask questions and we started asking about how he became a chef.”


    “You have provided my kids with some amazing opportunities that they will remember forever.”


  • “Many were interested in apprenticeship-based roles. Others were just interested to know that further education is a viable option for them.”


    “All the things you showed me has inspired me to be a chef when I grow up. I hope when I get older you can teach me how to be a chef.”


  • “I’ve changed my career so many times today – now I’m going to be a naval officer.”


    “I believe the day was a big success. Thank you for arranging this day- great experience for our students. Once again thank you so much for the amazing opportunities you are giving our students!”

    Assistant principal

  • “I enjoyed seeing their eyes light up when I told them how many things they enjoy doing can be translated into jobs.”


    “Seeing some students who often appear disengaged in class, be engaged during the different workshops and hearing different pathways”