Ardoch’s Investment in Regional Communities – 2024-2026

Over 2024-2026, Ardoch aims to support 8,000 children in regional communities. Students in regional areas do not have the same opportunities as their urban peers, and the consequences for their education and lives are significant.

But we can take practical and meaningful steps to give these students opportunities to help redress the imbalance.

Each regional community comes with its own challenges, and students will have differing needs. Ardoch will work closely with students, teachers and local communities to develop programs and approaches that meet students’ needs, complement the curriculum and will make a sustained impact on students’ potential.

Our work in regional areas is with primary schools and will focus on the vital transition years of grades five and six to set the students up to succeed in secondary school.

The offered programs will:

  • Increase student’s confidence in their ability to learn
  • Strengthen their resilience, social skills and wellbeing
  • Reinforce their foundational learning in literacy and STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths)
  • Build their aspirations for the future
  • Increase engagement in education.

Research shows that each of these are vital to give children every chance to succeed in secondary education – and in life.

Each school will be able to choose a program that best meets the needs of their year five and six students. For example, a school may identify that their students need extra support in:

Supporting student’s literacy

  • Writer in Residence
  • Education support volunteers
  • Programs focusing on improving students’ communication and social skills

Strengthening students’ engagement in STEM:

  • Scientist in Residence
  • Robotics Club
  • Speed Careers with a focus on sciences

Fostering students’ creativity and self expression:

  • Artist in Residence
  • An excursion to see the works of local artists and gain an appreciation of culture and art’s role in society
  • Information session on careers in art and design.


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