Volunteers are central to Ardoch’s work. Ardoch mobilises more than a thousand volunteers each year to build the capacity of schools and early year services by supporting the educational needs of children living in disadvantaged communities.

Support from volunteers is at the heart of Ardoch’s activities, both through our volunteer programs for individuals and through workplace volunteering.  Without our volunteers, we could not achieve the positive impact that our programs are having for thousands of children in disadvantaged communities each year.


Ardoch volunteers deliver a range of programs and the volunteering commitment varies accordingly. Individuals have the opportunity to volunteer weekly at one of our partner education sites through the following programs:

You can also contribute your skills and experience on a one-off basis by offering advice on career pathways and job interview techniques, or volunteer on an ad hoc basis for Ardoch events.


Ardoch has an extensive track record of delivering evidence-based workplace volunteering programs. These programs engage approximately 1400 employees each year across over 25 corporations nationally.

Ardoch’s workplace volunteering programs, Literacy Buddies® and Numeracy Buddies, support the education of children by developing skills in literacy and numeracy, providing positive adult role models and developing social skills in children and young people in disadvantaged communities. Through these programs, workplace volunteers play a critical role in giving children a real-life context to practice their writing and composition skills or improve their maths skills by allowing them to verbalise key concepts. Their involvement helps increase the students’ engagement, aspirations and confidence in these skill areas.

We are currently delivering these programs in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

We would be delighted to hear from companies interested in partnering with us to offer these programs to their employees.