Ardoch programs in focus

To learn more about the programs and experiences Ardoch provides, please see the categories below.


Numeracy Buddies

Classes of primary school students (little buddies) are matched with workplace volunteers (big buddies) from STEM fields and work together to solve maths problems through an online blog. The Buddies blog every few weeks and meet once at the students’ school and once at the Big Buddies’ workplace.


Age-appropriate robotics kits and tech boxes are provided to partner schools, enabling students opportunities to learn coding, engineering and problem-solving in an applied context.

Science Museum

Providing a complementary experience to classroom science modules, these excursions to the nearest science museum help to contextualise lessons and provide a valuable opportunity to explore and interact with various science disciplines.

Students have the opportunity to get hands on with science and gain insight into how much science is around us every day.

Zoo Visit

Children have the opportunity to explore the natural sciences, discovering native and exotic wildlife and engaging in special enquiry activities delivered by our zoo partners.

Wildlife Incursion

Our wildlife incursion partners bring exceptional educational programs to your school, showcasing a unique and diverse range of native Australian wildlife. Each program offers a specific ecological focus and covers a range of study topics and learning levels that align with and complement the Victorian education curriculum, from preschool and foundation through to level 10 and VCE. Their engaging, exciting, action packed presentations provide opportunities to explore, experience and learn about wildlife first-hand.

STEM Industry Visit

Students have a unique opportunity to visit a STEM industry project or workplace to learn about the skills and training required in sectors with future employment growth. This may include visiting a major works engineering project such as the metro tunnel.

STEM Presentation

Ardoch can arrange for professionals from various STEM industries to deliver exciting presentations about the field of work they are involved in. Students learn about the real-world applications of the STEM field and the range of associated jobs.


Literacy Buddies

Classes of primary school students (little buddies) are matched with workplace volunteers (big buddies) to improve literacy and inspire learning through the art of letter writing. The Buddies exchange letters throughout the school year and visit each other twice, once at the school and once at the workplace.

Writers in Residence

Published authors deliver book-writing workshops to students at our partner primary schools over several weeks. Children develop skills in writing, composition, and individual expression through creativity, culminating in a published book for each child.

State Library

Ardoch arranges for students to attend their state library and participate in a range of programs to support both primary and secondary students, from research basics and critical thinking to subject-specific sessions and self-guided visits.

Writing Workshop

The Writing Workshop is an Ardoch delivery partner that helps develop your students into confident and creative individuals through imaginative literacy workshops and programs. Their arts-based teaching and learning approach helps students build confidence and take creative risks, while helping teachers promote student agency and wellbeing.

Culture/Social Skills

Aboriginal Program

Ardoch partners with a range of Indigenous program providers to give primary and secondary school students a deeper understanding of First Nations Peoples and their connection to Country. Students can learn about various aspects of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander culture, their use of indigenous plants, art, dance, seasonal migration, and more. This will allow students to explore their connection to land as well as their sense of belonging.

Museum Visit

Ardoch will arrange for students to attend their nearest museum to provide a complementary experience to classroom history modules. These excursions provide a range of programs to support both primary and secondary students in learning about the history of the world and a chance to engage more deeply with the subject matter through interactive displays.

Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum provides a range of programs to support both primary and secondary students in learning about the migrant experience in Australia and the challenges/opportunities that it has brought. This excursion allows students to explore what it means to be part of a culturally diverse society.

Arts Centre

Students can experience their nearest Arts Centre and explore various aspects of the arts industry. From the stage to backstage, visual arts and more, students can gain an understanding of this vibrant industry through tours, workshops and hands on learning.


Preventative Mental Health

This Preventative Mental Health program puts psychology’s best tools into the hands of teenagers in a way they can relate to. The engaging and relatable workshops teach students how to apply tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to their own lives.


This Anti-Bullying program delivers workshops facilitated by young presenters that are designed to break-down the stigma of discussing bullying by incorporating fun, participatory activities, and honest discussion. They strive to build empathy, self-awareness and resilience by creating spaces where students can safely reflect on past behaviour, explore shared experience and find new ways to foster belonging.

Student Wellbeing

These dynamic workshops on student wellbeing topics including bullying, cyber-safety, resilience, leadership and much more are engaging, fun and educational. They aim to empower students by providing learning outcomes that engender pro-social values, empathy and resilience through a lively combination of information and interaction.

Preventative Health Education

Preventative Health Education aims to change health behaviours to enable children to thrive in their lives. Through the program they focus on children’s health and wellbeing, including; nutrition, cyber safety, alcohol, sexual health, smoking, drugs, bullying, emotional health and relationships.

Pathways Beyond School

Mock Interviews

In preparation for the competitive job market, young people participate in formal interview simulations with professional volunteer mentors, helping to build their communications skills, agility and confidence when interviewing for jobs.

Learning Through Lunch

These hospitality industry visits involve a class of students visiting a hospitality TAFE and attending a two-course fine dining experience while spending quality time with professional volunteers who share their career stories and life experiences. Learning Through Lunch is often combined with Ardoch’s You-niversity program.


Partner universities invite students to visit a campus where they can meet the academics, hear from university students, participate in activities related to university life and take a tour. This program aims to strengthen the links between higher education and students’ current schooling, building and supporting aspirations to undertake further study after high school. This can be especially important for students coming from families where no-one has attended university.

Industry Visit

Students get to visit industry workplaces to learn about the skills and training required in sectors with future employment growth. Industries they visit and learn about include retail, hospitality, technology, automotive and the health sector.

Speed Carers

Secondary and senior primary school students are connected with a variety of professionals to increase students’ awareness and understanding of the range of study and career pathways available to them. During Speed Careers sessions, students rotate in groups to hear from each speaker, learning about careers in areas such as law, policing and engineering. The program supports students to imagine life beyond school and to engage with successful role models.