Critters and Robots: How We’re Continuing STEM Learning Despite Covid.

While the latest lockdown has meant that students in our partner schools haven’t been able to get out for our usual STEM excursions, there’s still been a lot of activity. Specifically, a lot of animal activity, with a variety of critters crawling over screens and helping kids get excited and inspired by the natural world, thanks to the virtual delivery of Wildlife Xposure programs.

And it’s not just animals that raised excitement levels – students and teachers alike were also thrilled when our Robotics Kits arrived at partner schools, giving students the opportunity to continue learning core STEM skills by virtual “Bee Bot” building and other quality equipment.

Having “covid-proofed” these programs to be able to be delivered virtually means that children can stay engaged during remote learning, and that teachers are armed with equipment, experiences and support to help keep attendance and learning rates up. Here is just some of the teacher feedback we received following these virtual STEM sessions:

“Thank you for organising our incursion. The kids LOVED it and it was super engaging!”

“The kids in my homegroup said they loved seeing all of the animals, especially the, goanna, crocodile and the snake. They also thought it was very cool when the glider possum jumped from Brandon’s hand onto the camera! They asked really good questions and Brandon answered them all so clearly. It was great that the kids could still be interactive with this kind of thing, even over Zoom.

“The drones have arrived, thank you so much, the students will be almost as excited as I am”.

Thank you so much, it was a great session and the BeeBots are such a fantastic tool to support our students’ learning”.

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