2023 Impact and Term 1 Impact

When: 7 May 2024

2023 Impact

With over a year since the last lock down, we were back in the swing of things for another full year. During 2023, we delivered 709 programs to over 28,500 students, an increase of 4% in student numbers from 2022. We partnered with 114 schools to impact 925 classes. 987 volunteers contributing over 13,000 hours helped ensure that this was possible.

Although we hope all of these children and young people across Western Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Regional Victoria have a great time, it is the broader impact these programs have on children’s lives that matters. The 2023 evaluations tell us that Ardoch programs have a substantial impact on participating students.

The programs appear to have an especially strong impact on student confidence and engagement in learning. From this perspective, key numbers include:

  • 93% of teachers agreed that Literacy Buddies contributed to increasing children’s confidence to engage in writing
  • 79% of volunteer respondents believe the Education Volunteer program improved verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the students with whom they worked
  • 70% of student respondents believed that participating in Learning through Lunch gave them greater awareness of possible jobs or careers that are open to them

“Ardoch has also enabled our students to engage more fully in excursions and opportunities to expand their experience and aspirations that would otherwise not have been possible due to the limited financial circumstances of many of our families.” – Principal

In 2023, we delivered more programs and supported more students compared to 2022, whilst simultaneously rolling out a new monitoring, learning and evaluation framework and piloting multiple new programs. We could not have achieved what we did without the support of our corporate, philanthropic, community and, crucially, school partners

You can read more about the impact we have had at www.ardoch.org.au/our-impact/

Term 1 Impact

With 4 months already gone and so much work already done. In term 1 we delivered 27 programs, 2 robotics kits were sent out, 1 teacher training for Robotics has been undertaken. In term 1 25 Education volunteers have been placed with more completing their final bits of training and compliance. All of this has equaled over 3000 students from 31 schools being impacted so far.

Term 2 already has 46 programs booked in including 16 Broadening Horizons, 17 Pathways, 3 Robotics and 10 Writer in Residence programs.

Thank you to all our supporters and we look forward to seeing these number grow throughout the year.