Album Launch for Ardoch

When: 10 Dec 2019

Ren Barlow, a very generous advocate of Ardoch and Founder of Children’s Literacy Gift, has been supporting Ardoch and our partner schools in the Dandenong and South East regions over many years.

On November 8th, Ren launched her exciting first album, Raining in my Heart. This album, a unique twist on Buddy Holly songs, is a moving tribute to her late father. Through the release of this album, Ren has been able to combine the memory of her father with her passion for music and making a difference, as she will be donating all proceeds to Ardoch’s Early Language and Literacy program.

The Ardoch team were invited to attend the Album Launch Event at the Fyrefly in St Kilda. The team were joined by over 100 of Ren’s close friends and family to celebrate the launch and it was a fantastic night of music and fun.

During the evening, our CEO Kylee Bates, had the opportunity to share with the guests the importance of Ardoch’s work and our impact. Additionally, Ren spoke about her passion for Ardoch, “Reading changes lives, it opens doors to opportunity, imagination, and empowerment, breaking the cycle of poverty and crime but we have to start early. With the help of Ardoch’s Early Language and Literacy Programs and a wonderful partnership with Children’s Literacy Gift, together we have been able to help many children begin their love of literacy and the journey to making a wonderful impact on our future Australians”.

Thank you so much to Ren for your incredible support of Ardoch.

Raining in my Heart is currently available on Spotify and ITunes.