An inspiring start to 2023 – thanks to supporters like you

When: 31 Mar 2023

The school year has officially kicked off so have our programs for 2023! In just the first month of term, we’ve engaged with over 500 students across 4 schools to deliver 3 Broadening Horizon incursions as well the first 2 sessions of a Writers in Residence program. For all of term we delivered 89 programs to 31 schools impacting over 4,500 students. Read below about the first programs that we ran.

Fittingly, we launched our programs with a visit from Project Rockit to St Mary’s year 5 and 6 students. Project Rockit helps students to Step Up, fostering a mindset of social leadership and working with children’s individuals strengths and capabilities to take positive action on issues that are important to them. The motto? “You can have an impact on the world today, by using your strengths to take action on what you care about.” We’re looking forward to seeing how these future changemakers will apply these learnings and take on the causes that matter to them.

Skye Primary School got to enjoy learning more about Aboriginal culture and music with a performance by Digeridoo Australia. Using traditional Aboriginal instruments, the session started with simple rhythm patterns with body percussion and clap sticks and quickly turned into a high-energy dance party.

St Joseph’s were the first to enjoy the Mindful Monkey’s Mindfulness 101 program. We’re starting to bring in more wellness programs after school feedback that these sessions are valuable and much-needed. The students were able to learn about mindfulness in a range of different age-appropriate ways and even walked away with a ‘calm down’ jar to help them practice at home.

Meanwhile, Roxburgh Rise is inspiring budding writers and building critical literacy skills, thanks to a 4 week Writers in Residence journey with author Vikki Conley. Vikki will take the students through how to identify story ideas, build characters, pen their stories, edit them, create illustrations and put a story book together, or anthology of student works, which is then published and distributed to each child. We can’t wait to read these future best-sellers!

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