CEO Winter Message

When: 26 May 2020

When I began my CEO Message in our last newsletter of late March with the words ‘Life is difficult for many people right now’ little did any of us know just how truly difficult life would become for so many people in our community. Nor how disrupted education would be for all children, or how severe the impact would be on those experiencing the highest levels of disadvantage.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on lives across our community and while from a direct health impact we have been largely spared as a nation, relative to many others, we know that the road to recovery will nonetheless be long. Despite this, the support that the community and supporters have continued to show Ardoch during this period fills me with optimism that there is increased awareness of the impact of educational disadvantage and how willing people are to provide support where they can.

We’ve been delighted to continue receiving applications from people expressing interest in joining our Education Volunteers program and to see existing and new volunteers joining our new online professional development sessions in greater numbers than ever before. We know that our corporate partners remain committed to recruiting volunteers for our Literacy Buddies® and Numeracy Buddies programs even in the face of significant disruption and change in their own workplaces. Additionally, so many of our funders have offered flexibility in the timing and nature of agreed deliverables. Such support across the board is welcomed and valued. It is a testament to the commitment of each person and organisation involved to helping Ardoch ensure that every child can realise their potential through full participation in education.

Although it might still be some months away before we’ll be “lunching” in any great numbers again, our featured evaluation of Ardoch’s Learning Through Lunch program is a showcase example of different supporters joining with Ardoch to enable us to deliver such a high impact program.

If you are inspired by Ardoch’s work and the impact that our programs have on children and young people in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged communities, please consider showing your support by making a donation on or before 16 June, when your donation will be DOUBLED by one of Ardoch’s generous major donors.
Stay well.

Kylee Bates
Chief Executive Officer