Double you Impact this June!

When: 1 Jun 2023

Double Impact Day is back again for 2023 and this year you can choose the program you would like to support. We have 3 programs that we need your help to support. You can help children to be able to build a robot, explore the arts or broaden their horizons. This Double Impact Day you can support our Robotics, Artist in Residence or Broadening Horizon Programs.

Want to be a patron of the arts? You could inspire a generation of budding artists and writers. Support disadvantaged children explore their creative side and encourage them to dream big! You can give budding artists and writers the chance to develop their confidence and creativity with in-school visits and coaching from top Australian artists and authors. In this initiative, we pair an artist – be it a writer, a painter, or a drama coach – with a school for 4-6 weeks. The artist works with a class of students to teach them about their art and help them to produce a final piece of work, such as a book, a mural or an exhibition.

Can you help build a robot? You could support a child to succeed in STEM. There’s no doubt about it. Robots are cool. But that’s not why we provide Robotics Kits. Many of the children we support simply don’t have access to technology in the home. Which makes it even more vital that they have the chance to build critical STEM skills and knowledge in school. Our science and robotics kits give students the chance to learn in a hands on, engaging way – building robots, learning coding and even controlling drones!

Can you help fund an explorer? Spark a child’s curiosity and ambition by broadening their horizon. Give a child the chance to experience real-world nature, technology and cultural excursions and incursions. Can you imagine what it feels like to miss out on an excursion as a child? You can ensure no child is left behind and help them discover more of the world! Through our Broadening Horizons program, Ardoch provides students who might not otherwise be able to afford it, the chance to join fun and educational excursions and incursions. The children learn about the world around them, exploring different cultural, wellbeing and STEM topics.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be helping to build confidence, skills and engagement in education – the building blocks every child needs to dream big and reach their full potential.

Donate between June 14 and 30 and your gift will be matched to go twice as far.