How regular giving is more impactful for everyone

When: 4 May 2022

When do you donate to your chosen causes? Do you always donate generously at Christmas? Is it something you always tick off your to-do list at tax time? Or do you donate whenever you get a reminder to donate, such as when you get a campaign letter or a phone call?

 If you are one of a cause’s valued donors, why not consider regular giving?

It helps the cause plan ahead
When a donor signs up to regular giving, it means the cause can plan ahead. They know that funding is accounted for, and that consistent giving means that the cause can allocate those expected funds to future projects.

It saves the cause money
All good causes will appreciate every single donation; whenever that is. However, regular giving saves the cause money through reduced administrative costs. This means that more of your money goes directly to the projects that are making a difference.

It helps your budget
Regular giving does not mean you need to donate more – but it does mean you can plan out how much you plan to give around your budget. Think about how your Christmas budget can easily blow out when you leave buying presents until the last minute – the same can occur when you add your Christmas donation to the ‘to-do list.

It is also easier for you to keep track of your donations so you can claim at tax time (donations of $2 or more are considered tax deductible when made to an organisation defined as a ‘Deductible Gift Recipient’. (Check with the Australian Tax Office for details).

You can see your impact
If you give regularly, it can be a great reminder to check in on what your chosen cause is doing.  If you go to Ardoch’s website you will be able to see the difference your donation can make – for example, just $35 can help give a disadvantaged child the chance to join their classmates on an excursion.

To become a regular gift giver with Ardoch, go to