In Celebration: Cheryl’s Story

When: 11 Sep 2019

Ardoch offers the opportunity for our amazing supporters to fundraise by asking friends and family to give donations in lieu of gifts for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Cheryl, one such amazing supporter, decided she didn’t want anything for herself for her most recent birthday and instead decided to tell her friends and family that if they would like to give anything, they could make a donation to Ardoch.

When asked a few questions about why she chose Ardoch, here is what Cheryl had to say:


What is your relationship/history with Ardoch?

“I had heard a bit about Ardoch previously from someone I knew who used to work there and when I looked at other charities, Ardoch was the one that really stood out for me. We are in a position where we can give to charity and I wanted to help underprivileged youth. The reason Ardoch stood out to me was because it focuses on improving education and helping children and young people from disadvantaged areas and I wanted to further the cause”.


Why are you passionate about Ardoch’s mission?

“I guess it’s because there’s so many young people that need help and I myself haven’t ever been in that position and I hate to think of others being disadvantaged. My kids, when they were going through school, saw other children who were more disadvantaged than they could have ever imagined. They often talked about it and so it was something that I wanted to do”.


What motivated you to fundraise for your birthday?

“I didn’t want anything for myself, I just wanted to help others. All I wanted was to celebrate with my friends and fundraise at the same time.

“I think if people do find themselves in a fortunate situation where they don’t require gifts, it’s a great thing to ask for donations to charities instead. I don’t think people do it enough really. We’re quite a lucky country and people should be made more aware of it as an option. It’s definitely a nice thing to do and should be done more.”