Partnering with PHD Media

When: 21 Oct 2020

PHD Media has been a Strategic Partner of Ardoch for two years now and we are so grateful for the partnership that has developed over this time. They have volunteered their time as skilled volunteers to support our digital marketing strategy, and generously provided resources of $750,000 in pro-bono advertising.

In addition to this amazing support, they have also volunteered as part of Ardoch’s Literacy Buddies® program. For the Melbourne team this is their second year experiencing the program and the first for the NSW team.

PHD was also one of the first organisations to participate in Ardoch’s virtual visits for the Big and Little Buddies to meet each other for the first time. Adapting the visits to a virtual solution was critical in Ardoch’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, and we have been thrilled with their success and the connections our Big and Little Buddies have made.  We spoke with both of the PHD Workplace Co-ordinators about their experiences, and this is what they had to say:

‘The PHD Big Buddies were tremendously excited to participate in Ardoch’s Virtual Visit. After exchanging letters, it was amazing to finally get to meet our little buddies and share stories about our ‘show and tell’ items and one another. The session was really rewarding and allowed us to form a deeper connection with our new friends at Hilltop Road Public School.’

Harry McIntosh – NSW

‘Working in a global Media Agency, we have learnt how fortunate we all are at PHD to have great jobs and how our education provided each of us the foundation to do what we now do. Having this wonderful opportunity to support the Ardoch Literacy Buddies® program has given us an insight into how children who currently don’t have the same education options we had can benefit from our care, connection and help. We love having the opportunity to be able to work with these children and help them grow during the most critical and formative years of their life. We hope they can utilise the foundations Ardoch is providing them to achieve their dreams in the future.’

Amanda McGinn – VIC