Project Rockit

When: 25 Jan 2021

Through Ardoch’s partnership with Project Rockit, we have once again been able to deliver an engaging and thought provoking virtual session to years 5&6 at Rivergum Primary School.

The thoughtfully designed content of their sessions for students in their teens and pre-teens is delivered for young people by young people, with the presenters using a relatable, chatty style that comes across as personal and friendly – just as if students and the Project Rockit presenters were sharing a casual conversation. Appropriately titled, ‘Taking positive action every day,’ in this session the presenters talk about self-doubt – the imposter voice in your head, and about saying yes rather than no to opportunities.

The presenters use examples from their own experiences and act out relatable role plays to encourage students to set boundaries around acceptance of other’s behaviour, to speak up for others and to stand up for what they believe in.

The notion that knowledge is power can be seen at work in this program, which helps students realise that they are not alone, and that others share the same doubts, anxieties and ethical dilemmas as they do themselves.

The Project Rockit sessions form part of Ardoch’s Broadening Horizons Social Skills and Wellbeing program. They send a positive message to students that motivates and encourages young people to communicate in a way that is empathetic and authentic, in their daily interactions with others.

The partnership aligns with the program’s purpose and mission to improve student’s skills in communicating with peers and adults and reflect on identity.