Thank you

When: 21 Dec 2021

Despite the challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are so pleased with what our team has been able to achieve in 2021.

Ardoch is only able to make a difference because of our many supporters, including our volunteers, corporate partners and donors – and we would like to thank them with personal messages from the Ardoch team:

“It’s at this time of year when you should always reflect on what you’re grateful for, and undoubtedly for Ardoch, this is our amazing supporters. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to enrich and enhance the educational experience, and lives, of so many students facing difficulties.” – Shawn Graetz, Senior Partnerships Executive

“It is so wonderful to see Ardoch’s program delivery and impacts to the children we support throughout 2021. Despite the ongoing COVID challenge and interruptions, Ardoch team have done the very best effort to ensure program delivery and quality with all possible platforms. A heartfelt thank you to our donors, corporate & community supporters, school partners to take part in another meaningful year of Ardoch!” – Mandy Liu

“Ardoch only makes a difference because volunteers, staff, funders, schools, teachers, companies and individuals come together to make it happen. Thank you for being part of Ardoch and helping children in disadvantaged communities.” – Kim Berry

“Thank you for enabling us to continue the support for our communities!” – Sarah & Maiaan 

“Thank you for your support to Ardoch during 2021! Although it has again been a challenging year for the community with more long COVID-19 lockdowns, with your support we have been able to adapt our programs and continue to support our partner schools and their students. The programs and the support Ardoch provides is more important now than ever given the impacts of lockdowns on widening educational disadvantage. And we cannot do it without your support.I’m really excited for an even bigger 2022 as we were alongside our schools and students to help them bounce back!” – Lachlan Preston, Programs Manager

“Whether it’s a new education partnership being established, a new volunteer commencing at a school and existing ones returning again and again, workplace partners commencing or continuing in one of our programs, the development of new programs, refinement of program resources or donors getting behind opportunities to financially support our work whether through grants, donations or participation in events, nothing at Ardoch be achieved without the involvement of many who exhibit goodwill and engagement. Thank you to each and everyone of our supporters who have enabled Ardoch to make such a big impact in 2021.” – Kylee Bates, CEO

Want to be a part of the amazing work Ardoch does in 2022? To find out how to become one of our valued supporters by volunteering, donating or becoming a corporate sponsor, go to